David Schwendiman

book author David SchwendimanDavid Schwendiman is an internationally known sales coach. He loves to sell, but more than that he loves helping others sell themselves, their product, their service. David wasn’t a born salesman. Learning to sell took a ton of hard work and painful experimentation, but he got to be pretty good at it. Along the way he found himself teaching and coaching others who were coming up behind him. Eventually more and more opportunities started showing up for David to help others develop their own ability to sell, and in doing that kind of work, he really discovered his calling.

David’s latest book, Selling from the Top of the Ladder, has been widely acclaimed as breakthrough book in achieving a top performing sales mindset.

Selling from the Top of the Ladder

Selling from the Top of the Ladder book coverSelling From The Top of the Ladder is your sales playbook. David Schwendiman’s playful and powerful approach to selling will teach you how to achieve and maintain the positive mindset utilized by salespeople to keep them at the top of their game day in and day out. At the same time, this book contains practical tools, techniques and systems that have been field tested and proven to work.

If you are ready to move the numbers, this book will show you how.

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“For all of us who have wanted to love, enjoy and master the sales game, Dave Schwendiman has written the ultimate playbook!”
Steve Chandler, Author of Reinventing Yourself

“David Schwendiman has created a roadmap to success in sales that devoid of manipulation, trickery or the ‘best practices’ that some may have you believe is required in order to become prosperous. Instead, he focuses on the simple shifts in mindset, the powerful truth about the reality of selling and uses his fun, lovable and conversational tone to help remove all of the pressure, stress and despair that so of us face when in the sales process. Masterfully done!”
Jason Goldberg, Author of Prison Break